Call Park and Overhead Paging

Have you ever called a direct number, disconnected, and recalled the main number because you want to speak with someone - not a machine? Or you have already left a voicemail and you don’t want to leave another one. Call parking is the means in which a receptionist/operator can put a call on hold while the intended recipient is found. Whether you call it an intercom, public address, or overhead paging, it is another beneficial internal phone feature. With paging, a department can be notified of a waiting call. Paging is also used to locate employees who are away from their desk, socializing, breakroom, etc. for their waiting calls. Instead of the receptionist transferring the call, the call is parked at a specified number. The intended recipient then dials that specified number for access to the waiting call.

Cost savings

Little to no upfront cost and lower your phone bill by approximately 30% monthly.  

Ease of use

You plug the handset into an Ethernet connection, activate the phone, and you have a dial tone.

Increase productivity

Allows employees to have access to their VoIP phone and calls coming directly to it wherever it and they may be.


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