Call Center Phone Services


A typical office phone does not offer the features needed for a call center. Vulcan Telecom offers call handling and call routing features for your call center all on Hosted PBX.

Users login and out for more efficient routing of calls. An important feature is the administrator portal for an overall view of everything going on in the call system. Statistics are generated for each location and/or user and is also available in the portal. If quotas are important in growing your business, the information in the portal will be essential. The administrator is able to see statistics like the number of calls made or the average amount of time spent on calls for each employee. This will help to understand what is needed to grade your sales team and grow your business.
Call center services include multiple-call distribution, voice mail, call queuing, queue escape, callback option, call overflow, call recording, and night service.

Call Center Features:

  • Employee login and logout allows calls to be sent to only those on duty.
  • Multiple-call distribution gives your company the ability to handle calls according to a chosen policy. Calls may be distributed in a round-robin format, or simultaneous to all parties, or by weighted preset determining factors.
  • Voice Mail is one of those features you definitely need for a growing business.
  • Call Queuing may be necessary to handle the amount of incoming calls to your phone system. We have all been placed in the “queue” for the next available representative. Although it can be frustrating for callers, queueing is an equitable way to handle sales calls between employees who are logged-in. With our fast-paced lifestyle, we are not inclined to wait very long in the queue unless it is an absolute necessity. (Music on hold helps)
  • Queue Escape allows the caller to be transferred from the waiting queue to where the caller can leave a voice mail.
  • Callback Option is another means of escaping the queue. Once this option is selected, the caller is able to leave their number for a return call.
  • Call Overflow allows the company to have a backup number for incoming calls to be forwarded to when the system cannot handle any more calls.
  • Call Recording is an important feature for ensuring call quality and compliance. A recording maybe important for customer disputes and complaints
  • Night Service features gives callers options for calls made during non-business hours

Contact Vulcan Telecom for more information on the call center features.

Cost savings

Little to no upfront cost and lower your phone bill by approximately 30% monthly.  

Ease of use

You plug the handset into an Ethernet connection, activate the phone, and you have a dial tone.

Increase productivity

Allows employees to have access to their VoIP phone and calls coming directly to it wherever it and they may be.


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